FullSizeRenderI’m not sad anymore. I’m just tired of this place.

As long as I can remember I’ve been a bit of a purist. In middle school I eschewed pop and rap because I thought I was cooler than that.

I eventually loosened up and learned to enjoy everything (except EDM because, like, what even is that about??). But pop punk is my home.

It was easy to love it in the aughts. Bands like Fall Out Boy and Dashboard Confessional dominated the radio and everyone who went to high school at that time seems to report having gone through “an emo phase.”

The “nostalgia” of this genre continues to irk me. People flock to emo nights to remember a time in high school when they had a Blink-182 CD in their car. Maybe a Brand New CD if they were *~cool~*. Those bands you love still exist. They kept existing. They kept releasing music. And I kept buying it.

And while my favorites kept producing, I found new favorites. There is an embarrassment of riches to be found out there for those who are willing to look.

I owe a lot of my tastes to my brother and original concert buddy, Mark. We were born less than two years apart and couldn’t be more different, except that music has always brought us together. Every time I find a new band and text him about it, he’s already heard it. One time, two or so years ago, I texted him about an amazing band I had just discovered called Have Mercy. He sent me a photo less than 2 minutes later of the radio screen in his car. He had been listening to them at that exact moment.

Last weekend I visited him in Phoenix and he played Grayscale’s new singles back to back to back to back as we drove 2 hours up to Sedona. I told him I never wanted to hear it again. Instead, I went home and ended up listening to Grayscale nonstop for 2 days. When you’re right, you’re right.

So go for the openers. Get recommendations. Keep an open mind. Forget about what’s cool. Just listen.

And for the record: Green Day sucks.


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