UK/AU Bands You Should Be Listening To

Every Monday morning I start my week off listening to my Spotify’s curated Discovery Weekly playlist. Week after week, I was saving tracks and I started to notice a pattern. Time after time, I noticed that the country of origin of the bands who’s tracks I was saving was either Australia or the UK. So here is a list of notable bands from across the pond or the land down under that you should give a listen to. You won’t be disappointed.

Woes (Edinburgh, GB) Fans of Neck Deep, Hold Close & Roam, I think you’ll dig Woes. The original song that got me hooked was titled “Losing Sleep” but they just released “Real World” in January. Check out their music video for Losing Sleep below.

Home Wrecked (South Yorkshire, UK) I am currently obsessed with Home Wrecked. “Never Say Never” is on every single one of my playlists at the moment. They have a more classic punk guitar style that I’m a huge fan of. Fans of WSTR and Trash Boat (but with better/more breakdowns), you may be into Home Wrecked. They just announced they will be supporting The Ataris this month in the UK. Check out the music video for Never Say Never below. And, if you don’t think their drummer looks like Louis Tomlinson, you’re wrong.

Safeguard (York, UK) This band that hit the UK Pop Punk scene just last year has so much potential. Keep an eye out for them, and take a listen to their newly released album “I’m A Stranger to Myself” here. They newly released a music video for “November” off of that album that you can find below, but “Harbour” still leans toward my favorite off the record. Fans of Sincerely, Me check them out!

Lost in Stereo (Glasgow, GB) Lost in Stereo was given the opportunity to support bands like Reel Big Fish and Anti-Flag this year and was crowned “Fireballs Hottest Band 2018” and their not wrong. They recently released their anticipated album “Famous First Words” but there are songs off of each of their albums that I really dig. Check out my personal favorite “Light Years” below. Fans of Goldfinger, Forever Came Calling, and Another One Down!  give them a listen.

Homebound (Farnham, UK) Homebound to me is a great mix of two of my favorite bands, Boston Manor and The Story So Far. The also remind of me a ton of the previously mentioned Home Wrecked. Either way, they are wicked awesome and the vocalist is crazy talented. The first song that caught my attention was “Headspace” which you can watch below, but this last December they released a track of their upcoming album “Bound to Be” and it rips. Give them both a listen and decide for yourself!

Bellevue Days (Croydon, UK) Bellevue Days soothes my emo soul. They have a grungey sound that reminds me of Brand New but with a (old school) Turnover twist.  This is entire band is so talented, you can hear each instrument played so well, and vocals that switch from rough to smooth flawlessly. They really leave me at a loss for words, check them out yourself! My favorite track is Secret Love of their latest release titled Rosehill, which you can watch below.


Now onto the land down under…

Stand Atlantic (Sydney, AU) Stand Atlantic is a female fronted pop/rock/alternative band from Sydney who have been together since 2015. They have an impressive list of bands they have already supported including State Champs, Jonny Craig and This Wild Life. “Coffee at Midnight” is undeniably my favorite track of their album Sidewinder, but “Mess I Made” is phenomenal, and highlights how truly amazing the lead singers vocals are. I don’t even have a suggestion for who they sound like because they are so original. Honestly, they give me a Sum 41 vibe, but also Hey Monday (remember them?) Check out the music video for Coffee at Midnight below.


The Hard Aches (Adelaide, AU) This duo has such a classic rock vibe that is very old school punk but with eloquently spoken lyrics. In 2017, they recently went on a huge tour and put out a single titled “Brain Drain” which you can watch below. Their album titled “Pheromones” is one of my favorites thus far. Check out “We All Do” which is my personal fave.


Aburden (Melbourne/Victoria, AU)  I have a complete love for bands that have a mellow sound but rough cut vocals. I think that range is absolutely beautiful. Switching between singing, spoken word and scream, Aburden is very reminiscent of Movements but also Hotel Books, two artists that are completely changing the game here in the US. Aburden has unreal potential and I am counting down the days until I am able to catch them live. Between the drums, bass and guitar, each of them are so talented and come together gracefully. Check out their music video for “Without Me” below, but give “They Say” a listen, its arguably my favorite off their latest release.


To see what shows I am hitting up lately, follow my Instagram at @lola_is_live


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