Super Natural

It’s been two long years since Turnover put out a full length album. Peripheral Vision was the definition of a perfect album for me, every single song was just as good as the next. When I got wind of a new full length, I was beyond excited but had such high expectations, how could anything be as perfect as PV?

Turnover has been around for awhile, but started touring in 2012. They’ve toured with bands like Koji, Have Mercy, The Swellers, Moose Blood and New Found Glory. They hit the pop punk scene with their self titled EP and debut album Magnolia in 2013There is a obvious shift in the sound from Magnolia to Peripheral Vision, but luckily for me, I liked the change for the better. Progression is obviously implied, but I was hoping there wouldn’t be another major sound shift with this new album. I’m not done listening to the more indie/rock sound that they put out with Peripheral Vision.

With the announcement of the new album, the band released ‘Super Natural’, the opening track on the album titled ‘Good Nature’. It is pure perfection, and everything you could expect and want from them. It’s light, hazy and laid back. The perfect song for a long late night drive on a humid summer night.

I am counting down the days until the albums full release in August. I hope they release at least one more track between now and then, as I’ve already have listened to Super Natural more than a hundred times. Also praying for a tour announcement with the album release…wishful thinking.


If you’re a fan of Brand New, Title Fight, The Smiths, Dashboard Confessional or This Wild Life, there is a good chance you will like Turnover.



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