You Could Do Better, Better Than That.

Okay, here’s the scene. I head to Wicker Park and meet up with Danae and William at their beautiful new loft apartment in Six Corners that’s big enough to roller skate in. We’re all excited because it’s the night of the Bayside and Say Anything show at Concord Music Hall. We bought tickets months ago, so the anticipation is high.

I love Say Anything. They like them too, but they’re big on Bayside.

We’ve got a little time, so we go to Dimo’s and get some vegan buffalo chicken pizza with vegan ranch (OMG SO GOOD. Also I am not vegan) and then we hop on the train one stop to the show.

When we get there, Reggie and The Full Effect is playing. Not our scene, but people seemed to like them. We head straight to the merch table and I buy a cool Say Anything tee with a guy and a girl riding on a rocket ship. My aesthetic for sure. Danae and Willy Pepper get a couple Bayside shirts and a super cool flag. We’re feeling good.

I had never seen Say Anything before and I was v excited that the moment had finally arrived. We got a spot in the upper back center on the rails with a perfect view of the stage, but without having to deal with the pit. Ideal.


The lights came up and they went right into “Do Better” my favorite Say Anything song! But something was up. The tempo was off, the vocals were sloppy, I wanted to love it so much, but it just sounded… bad.

I wish I could say it got better, but sadly it did not. I don’t know if Max Bemis was drunk or just didn’t give a fuck, but hearing a fucked up live performance of  ‘Alive With The Glory of Love’ made me very very sad.

Luckily for everyone, Bayside fucking CRUSHED. But that was the first and last time I ever pay to see Say Anything.

Say Anything, I’m not mad, just disappointed. You could do better.

Stay sad, kids. <3, Madison


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