Makes Me Sick


What did we do to deserve a band like NFG?

20 years and 8 albums later, we’re given Makes Me Sick and I’m not mad about it. Is it traditional NFG? No, but they definitely stuck to their pop-rock roots. Their sound has definitely progressed, but they used just enough synth, created catchy lyrics and kept those traditional upbeat guitar solos that I think most fans will be pleasantly surprised.

A few tracks gave me bohemian beach vibes, which I knew was coming based off the albums cover art alone. Each song is distinct, and has a different melodic approach. Happy Being Miserable is easily going to be the fan favorite and most popular track out of the 10. It is as traditional NFG as it gets. For being around for 20 years, they did a great job of capturing the true essence of their pop-rock foundation. I was most surprised by The Sound of Two Voices, which is a more tropical track than the rest. I envision some sand under my feet and a daiquiri in hand when I listen to it, which is not something I ever thought I would say about a New Found Glory song.

Overall the album is enjoyable. It just leans more to the pop side, rather than the punk/rock side. The lyrics are traditionally sarcastic, and it is a perfectly timed release, with summer right around the corner. Say it Don’t Spray it and Party On Apocalypse are my two favorites after Happy Being Miserable. But then again I am a sucker for anything acoustic, so Persistent hit me right in the feels.

Check out Happy Being Miserable here and make the decision for yourself:



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